Bibliography and Resources

The following bibliography lists reference material relating to Edward James and serves as an introductory tool for researchers interested in his life and work. As well as a full listing of his published works, both poetry and prose, as well as a broad range of additional resources, including books, journals, film, conference papers and catalogues.

Publications by Edward James

James, Edward (1926) Poems. Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakespeare Head Press.

__________ (1930-1931) [Reprinted in boxed edition 1940] Juventus Annorum. [‘Opus Primum’] [A collection of juvenilia, etc.]. London: The James Press / The Westminster Press

__________ (1930/1931) Twenty Sonnets to Mary [‘Opus Secundum’] [London]: James Press [24] leaves ; 30 cm. [n.d. but coda implies publication in 1931]

__________ (1931) Laengselia: a play. [‘Opus Tertium’] [London]: James Press 96, [1] p. ; 24 cm [A play based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson, written under the pseudonym Faustulus – the first James would use]

__________ (1932) The Next Volume [‘Opus Quartum’] [with decorations by Rex Whistler] London: The James Press, 525 copies

__________ (1932) Carmina Amico. [‘Opus Quintum’], privately printed on hand-press in Verona : [Officina Bodoni] edition of 150, bound in vellum, housed in box, [36] leaves ; 26 cm.

__________ (December 1932) The Venetian Glass Omnibus. Peace Propoganda for Grown-up Children and Sophisticated Tots. London: The James Press, Edition of 20 (2nd edition of 25 in September 1933), [‘Opus Sextum’], illustrations by Oliver Messel and ‘dedicated to the children Mdivani’.

__________ (August 1933) Your Name is Lamia [Pamphlet containing a selection of poems, including ‘A Translation from Dante Alighieri’ and ‘To a Young Woman Under Chloroform’ [‘Opus Septimum’], 30 copies, sewn-bound [illustrations poss. by Rex Whistler]

__________ (1933/1934) Reading Into The Picture. (illust. Reppert-Bismarck, Jorg von) [‘Opus Octavum’] London: The James Press, xxix, 36 p. illus. 29 cm

__________ (1933) So Far So Glad. [‘Opus Nonum’] London: Duckworth [117] p.: ill. ; 28 cm [Written under pseudonym of Edward Selsey] [illustrated with 106 drawings by Edward Carrick, typeset in Bruce Rogers’ Centaur type, 750 copies, printed by Robert Stockwell]

__________ (1933) ‘La Belle Au Bois Dormant’ and Other Poems [‘Opus Decimum] London: Duckworth & Co. 34 p. ; 19 cm

__________ ‘Trois Sécheresses’ in Minotaure 8 (June 15, 1936): 53-56.

__________ ‘The Marvel of Minuteness’ in Minotaure 9 (October 1936): 20-24.

__________ ‘Le Chapeau du Peuple et les Chapeaux de la Reine’ in Minotaure 9 (October 1936): 54-59.

__________ (1936) The Perfectly Ended Chapter : a poem to the memory of George V, an irreproachable and saintly king, on the occasion of His Late Majesty’s Jubilee, followed by an epilogue upon his death in the following year. Oxford: Printed at the University Press [for the author] [published anonymously] 15 p. ; 28 cm

__________ ‘The Great Bear. A Brief Surrealist Film Scenario’. Harpers Bazaar, August 1937, p.12-13, 75.

__________ (1937) The Gardener Who Saw God. London: Duckworth / New York: Scribner

__________ (1937-1940) Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Wop: A Collection of Stories, Poems and Letters [London]: The James Press [published under pseudonym Edward Selsey] 2 volumes: ill., ports. ; 24 cm

[A third volume, The Pleasures of Southern Italy, was planned up to proof stage but was never published]

__________ (1937-1938) The Adventures of Propaganda [published under pseudonym Edward Selsey] The James Press [2 volumes]

__________ ‘Le Parfum de la Solitude’ Vogue (Paris), June 1938, pp58-59, 90.

__________ (1938) The Bones of my Hand. London : Oxford University Press, H. Milford viii, 102 p., front. 29 cm [frontispiece by Pavel Tchelitchew]

__________ (1940) ‘To The Earth’ and other poems from a steep place above the sea. New York [self-published]

__________ (1941) ‘The Sight of Marble’ and other poems. New York: Julian Messner 69 p. ; 20 cm

__________ (1941) Scherzo on a theme from far away: Greece and Italy, 1937 to 1936, New Mexico and California, 1941. Mount Vernon, N.Y.: Walpole Print. Off xxiii, 16 p.; 28 cm

__________ (c.1942? c.1950?) For the Lonely, a sequence of sonnets. Vol. I, parts I and II. 3d ed. [s.l.] : [s.p.] 1 v ; 30 cm

__________ (1948) ‘Leonora Carrington’, catalogue essay for exhibition at Pierre Mattisse Gallery, New York, February – March 1948.

__________ (1957) One Sonnet and Five Solenelles In Despite of Death [s.l.] : Edward Silence [first use of third pseudonym] [8] p. ; 22 cm

__________ (1957) Record of a Journey: Certain poems that trace the record of a journey twenty years ago from Vienna to Greece, and back through Albania. [s.l.]: Edward Silence [s.p.] 31 p.

__________ (1957) The Rose: per crucem ad rosam. [s.l.]: Edward William Silence, [s.n.] [72] leaves ; 32 cm. Los Angeles: California [mimeograghed?]

__________ (1957) El Día de los Muertos [s.l.] : Edward Silence [s.n.] [6] p. ; 27 cm

__________ (1957) The Leopard Night. Act one. [s.l.] : [s.n.] 61 p. ; 31 cm [Edward Silence]

__________ (1957) Xilatlan Taziol. [s.l.] : Edward Silence 24 p. ; 21 cm

__________ (n.d. c.1958?) Solemn Scherzo (For the Goddess) [Edward Silence] mimeographed

__________ ‘Cuando Cumpli Cinquenta Anos’ S.NOB, No.7, October 15 1962, México City

[Unpublished poetry: Villanellae Solemnae, Oxford University Press, estimated for printing this book of poetry in 1959 but not completed, type dismantled in 1966; Voices in the Shadows and The Heart and the Word (c.1950); galleys exist but neither book of poetry was published]

James, E. (1987) (compiled by Noel Simon, introduced by Peter Levi) The Heart and the Word. A selection of the poems of Edward JamesLondon: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

James, E. (1982) (ed. Melly, G.) Swans Reflecting Elephants: My Early Years. London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson

[James was briefly a correspondent for the Western Mail, writing such articles as:

‘Lloyd George’s Golden Wedding Day of Wonderful Memories’ Western Mail , 24th January 1938.

‘Cardiff Prospects of a Record ‘National’, 1st August 1938.

First North Wales Male Voice Vitory for Many Years, 8th August 1938.Crwys to Succeed J.J. as Archdruid’ 3 Augsut 1938

‘Secret History of Fight for Eisteddfod Unity of Command’ [written as A P Baglan (Edward James), London Editor, “Western Mail”] August 1st 1938, Western Mail & South Wales News National Eisteddfod Supplement, p15.



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