Tapestry and Textile Art Research Group


The Tapestry and Textile Art Research Group facilitates exchanges between academics, professional weavers, artists and full-time students interested in questions of tapestry and textile art practice. The Group explores, through seminars, symposia and practice-based research, various aspects of the creative, material and technical processes involved in the field of tapestry and textile art from both historic and contemporary perspectives.

The aims of the Group are to enable members to develop their contextual, practical and theoretical understanding of tapestry and textile-based work. This is achieved both through examination of existing practices and through discussion with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, deepening wider historic and theoretical research interests. The core group comprises a small number of staff from the West Dean Professional Tapestry Studio and students and staff from the full-time Visual Arts programme, which supports specialisms in hand-woven tapestry and textile art practice.

Research group contact: Phil.Sanderson@westdean.org.uk

Philip Sanderson, TTARG Chair
Master Weaver at West Dean Tapestry Studio and Associate Tutor in Visual Arts Department
Interests: tapestry weaving, textile art, contemporary fine art

Katharine Swailes
Master Weaver and Designer at West Dean Tapestry Studio

Interests: construction, material, tapestry, fine art

Alison Baxter
Head of Creative Enterprise 

Interests: small-scale textiles, jewellery